The Foundation’s goals

1 Year

To raise awareness of brain injury in sport at all levels of the game

Provide education and support for current and future generations.

To work with sports authorities to develop guidelines on concussion and head injury in sport, from grass roots through to the professional game.

3 Year

To work with sports authorities to deliver independent research into the links between brain injury in sport and degenerative brain disease

Despite it being 15 years since Jeff Astle’s death and the insurmountable evidence that sports head injury increases risk of degenerative brain disease, there has been little progress to acknowledge this issue or to support research into this area. 

The Jeff Astle Foundation will work closely with the FA and the FA's Independent Expert Panel on Concussion & Head Injury in Sport to deliver this much needed independent research.

10 Year 

To provide support for sports people living with the affects of dementia or chronic neurological impairment

To provide a support system, including financial assistance when needed, to help those sports persons suffering (and their families) from the affects of degenerative brain disease.

The Jeff Astle Foundation's ultimate goal is to establish a care home for former sports people with dementia or chronic neurological impairment, who are often younger at diagnosis and require specialist care.